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At Ropes4Access we have been working alongside an engineering company; as part of phase 1 on a new build energy from waste site. We have helped them access areas, previously
inaccessible, to install air ducts , steel work, beam clamps and lifting blocks.
This has saved our client a significant amount of time and money due to eliminating the wait for expensive scaffolding being built before work can commence.

Air duct and hangers all installed via rope access

final stages before making the conections

chain blocks and steel work installed ready to fit duct

Rope access technician installing the fixings

making the final lift using rope access equipment as the bottom of the steel was the highest rigging point

steel work being lifted into position ready to install

The above photos are showing the installation of air duct pipe work using rope access and a crane. The rope access team on site worked along side a crane operator to lower and install all the pipe work and fixings ;without the need for MEWPS or scaffolding. The entire job was completed quickly, efficiently and with optimum safety.

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